Free Bootstrap 5 eCommerce Website Template Fruitables Free Template Download

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Free Bootstrap 5 eCommerce Website Template Fruitables Free Template Download

The Fruitables website template is tailor-made for e-commerce businesses, offering a seamless virtual shopping experience. Crafted with user convenience in mind, this multipage template features a sticky top navigation bar complete with a dropdown menu for easy browsing.

Its split hero header boasts a header search filter, captivating hero image, and dynamic header carousel to engage visitors from the get-go. As users scroll, they'll discover tabbed content in the product section, enticing sales cards, and engaging testimonial carousels. Plus, a user-friendly newsletter subscription form ensures seamless communication with customers.

Not stopping there, the template also includes a comprehensive contact page complete with geolocation services and a sleek contact form UI. With handy features like breadcrumbs, a detailed footer, and a back-to-top button, navigating the site is effortless.

Built with Bootstrap 5, HTML5, and CSS3, this template boasts a clean, well-commented codebase for easy development. Its optimized page speed guarantees swift loading times, while fewer cross-browser bugs ensure smooth performance across all platforms. With its clean design and optimization, this theme is primed to elevate your online presence and drive growth.

Bootstrap 5
Burger Menu
Sticky Top Navigation
Drop-Down Menu
Split Header
Hero Image
Header Carousel
Header Search Option
Tabbed Content
Product Cards
Product Carousels
Sales Banner
Testimonial Carousel
Newsletter Subscription UI
Product Cards
Category Search Filter
Pricing Filter
Pagination UI
Comment Form UI
Back-to-top Button
Contact Form UI
Detailed Footer
Footer Navigation
Clean Codebase
SEO-friendly Theme
Page-speed Optimized
Multipage Design
100% Responsive
Cross-browser Compatible

Free Bootstrap 5 eCommerce Website Template Fruitables Template Features

Free Bootstrap 5 eCommerce Website Template Fruitables is The Fruitables free website template is tailored for e-commerce business websites. The virtual shop is meticulously designed for easy user access. The multipage theme features a sticky top navigation bar with a dropdown menu. Its split hero header includes a header search filter, hero image, and header carousel. Upon scrolling, tabbed content will be revealed in the product section, along with sales cards, product carousels, testimonial carousels, a newsletter subscription form UI, and more.

Open source
Use in commercial projects
Life time free updates